Global architect becomes real estate professional!

Clients all over Sonoma County feel lucky to have a former architect as a real estate agent! As a seller- “ who better to describe your beautiful home to potential buyers than an architect? Bob can point out the best features of the home while making suggestions on enhancements that the buyer might want.”

As a buyer, who else can take advantage of a professional design eye while searching for a new home? “Bob will think of things that would never occur to me! He can see how a property could present in the best possible light…or not!”

After working abroad as an architect all over the world, Bob Pennypacker decided to settle just 150 miles from his home town of Saratoga CA. in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is now his home and real estate his profession. Becoming a REALTOR is a natural extension of his lifelong profession allowing him to utilize all of his skills along the way.

Enter Bob’s business partner Dianne Vernon.

Dianne Vernon enjoyed a terrific career managing sales and marketing teams in Silicon Valley. Mastering highly technical software and managing the sale of these products to the Fortune 500 IT executives was her specialty. Twenty five years’ experience cemented her skills with expert negotiation as a strong suit.

In 2005 she became a real estate agent and has been in the top percentage of successful realtors ever since. In tandem with this and self-taught in the design and build fields, Dianne has been involved in the remodel and new construction for a many homes for clients (and for her own family).

Together Bob and Dianne bring a well -equipped tool kit and are ready to roll up their sleeves to assist you!