The Nation’s Leading Metros for Millennials

Here’s research, data, high-level insight, and design ideas specifically assembled by BUILDER and Metrostudy to help you crack the code and get Millennials to buy new homes.

Want to know the markets where millennials are buying the most new homes? Here’s the top 10, and the top 25 are here, accessible if you register.

To know millennials is to know what they need, value, prefer, and get excited by … and, above all, what they will pay for as they come of age as America’s new homeownership generation.

The cohort is huge, 75 million young adults, the oldest 35 and the youngest 19, and their eventual impact on housing and home builders is game-changing. The myth is that they’re “Generation Rentership,” drawn to urban, apartment living. But that’s not what the new data are telling us. Once they get the wherewithal, they want in to owning, but not just anything, anywhere. They want, well, what they want.

Here’s what that is, and how you as a home builder can–by stretching imagination, working with your manufacturer suppliers, and choosing your land position precisely–win them into your traffic and buyer stream.

Here’s a link to a residential builder’s guide to the who, why, and how of development, design, construction, and marketing to young adults of today and tomorrow. Note, you will have to “register” to get to it, but it’ll be worth it.
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